(20 minutes talks + 5 minutes discussion)

Suggested session topics:

  • 1. Kinetic theory and continua
    2. Negative temperature: is there any?
    3. Thermodynamics of small systems: micro, nano, femto. Quantum thermodynamics
    4. Thermodynamics of control theory
    5. Thermal measurements and equipments
    6. Chemical kinetics, model reduction, thermodynamic aspects
    7. Metastability in thermodynamics
    8, Thermodynamics in biology and medicine
    9. Thermal geophysics
    10. Economic modeling and its losses
    11. Weakly nonlocal, phase field, gradient theories: the role of thermodynamics
    12. Objectivity, material frame indifference, the role of space-time
    13. Thermodynamics of elastic and plastic solids and rheology
    14. Mechanical and thermodynamical metamaterials
    15. Aspects of heat conduction – theory, experiment, application: from macro to nano
    16. Nonequilibrium interfacial thermodynamics
    17. Thermodynamics of fractal phases – gas adsorption in porous solid systems – gas separation processes
    18. Entropy production minimization, constructal law, finite time thermodynamics
    19. Non-equilibrium thermodynamics of dissipative processes in complex media
          (Proposers: Bogdan T. Maruszewski, Wolfgang Muschik, Liliana Restuccia)
    20. Stochastic thermodynamics
    21. Granular materials