Program Overview

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Sunday, May 21
19:00Welcome party
Monday, May 22
 Plenary roomSession roomSession room
08:30-10:30Minisymp. A – Nonadditive thermodynamics  
 Chair: Ván P.
08:30-08:44Abe S.: Rényi entropy rate under Lindblad equation
08:44-08:58Bagci G.B.: Looking at the Tsallis entropy in the eye
08:58-09:12Jizba P.: On the uniqueness theorem for pseudo-additive entropies
09:12-09:26Biró T.: Beyond the exponential statistical factor
09:26-09:40Tsallis C.: News on non-Boltzmannian thermostatistical systems
09:40-10:30Plenary discussion
10:30-11:00COFFEE + POSTER 01-17
11:00-13:00Minisymp. F – Theories of nonequilibrium thermodynamics  
 Chair: Hoffmann K.H.
11:00-11:14Jou D.: Fluxes as thermodynamic variables: transport equations, equations of state, fluctuations
11:14-11:28Morro A.: Rate equations compatible with thermodynamics
11:28-11:42Öttinger H.C.: GENERIC: Review of successful applications and a challenge for the future
11:42-11:56Cao B.: Thermomass Theory
11:56-12:10Prusa V.: Constitutive relations and maximum rate of entropy production in non-equilibrium processes
12:10-13:00Plenary discussion
14:30-16:30Non-equilibrium thermodynamics of complex systems I.Nonadditive thermodynamicsThermodynamics of granular media
 Chair: Morro A.Chair: Tsallis C.Chair: Szekeres A.
14:30-14:50Rogolino P.: Weakly nonlocal thermodynamics and generalized heat-transport equationKocsis B.: Negative temperature in gravitating systemsLorincz J.: Grading entropy and density of sands
14:50-15:10Maruszewski B.: Extended thermodynamicsBiró G.: Non-extensive thermodynamics in high energy nuclear collisionsImre E.: The use of grading entropy to describe breakage and to interpolate functions for granular matter
15:10-15:30Restuccia L.: Non-equilibrium processes in semiconductor crystals and superlattices defective by dislocationsTakács Á.: Non-extensive approach of the hadron product in high-energy collisionsPande, G.: A framework for integration of ‘gradation curve’ in modelling the behaviour of unsaturated soils
15:30-15:50Ciancio V.: A thermodynamic theory on the interaction of thermal and diffusive effects in viscous fluidOikonomou T.: Maxent principle and the problem of the partition functionTalata I.: Some notes on the grading entropy based rules
15:50-16:10Saluto L.: Vortex formation and second sound near the superfluid transition in liquid heliumKorbel J.: Jizba-Arimitsu hybrid entropy and its applications to thermodynamics and statisticsBarreto, D.: Using grading entropy coordinates to analyse mineral dissolution and contact force evolution in granular materials
16:10-16:30Sciacca M.: Refrigeration of nanodevices by flowing superfluid heliumZhu L.: Systematic analysis of Hadron spectra produced at  RHIC and LHC with Tsallis distribution 
16:30-17:00COFFEE + POSTER 01-17
17:00-19:00Aspects of heat conductionKinetic theory and continua 
 Chair: Kiss L.Chair: Grmela M. 
17:00-17:20Vazquez F.: Thermal response of macro to nanoscaled heat and electric charge conductor films to a pulsed electric signalGiordano D.: Perfect-gas thermodynamic model including angular momentum as state parameter 
17:20-17:40Lopez de Haro M.: Non-Fourier heat transfer in fluids under oscillating conditionsPapenfuss C.: A closure relation for the higher order alignment tensors from a statistical background and maximum entropy principle 
17:40-18:00Sellitto A.: A theoretical model for the thermal behavior of functionally graded sheetsPovstenko Y.: Fractional heat conduction equation under harmonic boundary conditions 
18:00-18:20Zhukovsky K.: Exact solution of Guyer-Krumhansl heat equation by operational methodStruchtrup H.: Evaporation/Condensation boundary conditions for the regularized 13 moment equations 
18:20-18:40Gróf Gy.: Non-Fourier heat conduction at room temperature: experimental resultsPavelka M.: Non-convex dissipation potentials 
Tuesday, May 23
 Plenary roomSession room 
08:30-10:30Minisymp. C – Biothermodynamics  
 Chair: Kizilova N. 
08:30-08:44Astumian R.D.: Thermodynamics and kinetics of interlinked molecules: the Mechanical Bond 
08:44-08:58Salamon P.: The ladder theorem 
08:58-09:12Magnanelli E.: The Nasal Geometry of the Artic Reindeer Gives Energy-Efficient Respiration 
09:12-09:26Demirel Y.: Molecular motors and fluctuation theorem 
09:26-10:30Plenary discussion  
10:30-11:00COFFEE + POSTER 18-32
11:00-13:00Minisymp. H – Continuum thermomechanics  
 Chair: Papenfuss C. and Verhás J. 
11:00-11:14Grmela M.: CR Thermodynamics of Externally Driven Macroscopic Systems 
11:14-11:28Berezovski A.: Iinternal variables in thermoelasticity 
11:28-11:42Mariano P.M.: Finite speed heat propagation as a consequence of microstructural events 
11:42-11:56Svendsen B.: Non-local thermodynamic models for inhomgeneous solids 
11:56-12:10Weinberg K.: A phase-field appraoch to material degradation 
12:10-12:24Tkalich D.: Dissipation estimation in a multiscale model 
12:24-13:00Plenary discussion 
14:30-15:00Chair: Tondeur D.  
 Prigogine lecture 
 Wilhelmsen O.: Equilibrium and non-equilibrium Thermodynamics of planar and curved interfaces  
15:00-16:40Small systems I: quantum thermodynamicsNonequilibrium interfacial thermodynamics 
 Chair: Hoffmann K. H.Chair: Sadus R. 
15:00-15:20Aydin A.: Macroscopic quantum shape effects on thermodynamic potentialsHorsch M.: Tolman’s law and the adsorption equation for nanodispersed phases 
15:20-15:40Boukobza E.: Identical thermodynamic output of single-atom quantum optical amplifiers and their phase space fingerprintKjelstrup S.: Membrane distillation of salt water against a pressure 
15:40-16:00Watanabe G.: Quantum performance of thermal machines over many cyclesJedlovszky P.: Thermodynamic and dynamic properties at the intrinsic liquid surface 
16:00-16:20Polettini M.: Is Carnot efficiency at nonvanishing power output possible?Fabian B: Dynamics of the Water Molecules at the Intrinsic Liquid Surface As Seen from Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Identification of the Truly Interfacial Molecules Analysis 
16:20-16:40Zimborás Z.: Temperature driven quenches in the Ising model: Appearance of negative Rényi mutual informationSega M.: Ideal gas contribution to surface tension of liquid surfaces 
16:40-17:00COFFEE + POSTER 18-32
17:00-19:00Thermodynamics in biologyThermomechanics 
 Chair: Salamon P.Chair: Svendsen B. 
17:00-17:20Kovacs R.: Models of biological heat conductionSzücs M.: Rheology of solids – Nonequilibrium thermodynamical treatment and analytical investigations 
17:20-17:40Lu D.: A Theoretical Study on the Morphological Phase Diagram of Supported Lipid BilayersVerhás J.: On the Topology of State-space, Linear vs. Nonlinear Theories and Dry Friction. 
17:40-18:00Rahav S.: The copying fidelity of a polymerase facing an obstacleÉcsi L.: A thermodynamically consistent 
18:00-18:20Kralj S.: Interaction between curvature and topological defectsFekete T.: Structural Integrity Calculations of Large Scale Pressure Vessels 
18:20-18:40Kizilova N.: Life at extremal conditions: A thermodynamical approachBéda P.: On dynamic stability in fractional thermomechanics 
18:40-19:00Ogul E.: Hamiltonian coupling of EM-field and matter  
(Prigogine prize ceremony)
Wednesday, May 24
 Plenary roomSession room 
08:30-10:30Minisymp. E – Computational thermodynamics of phases and surfaces  
 Chair: Deiters U. 
08:30-08:44Jaubert J-N.: Discussion on the functional form of alpha-functions involved in cubic equations of state 
08:44-08:58Polishuk I.: Predicting Phase Behavior of Metallic Mercury in Liquid and Compressed Gaseous Hydrocarbons 
08:58-09:12Quiñones-Cisneros S.E.: Estimation of Multicomponent Interfacial Density Profiles directly from the Helmholtz Free Energy Surface 
09:12-09:26Woodcock L.V.: New science-based functional forms for thermodynamic fluid equations-of-state: Engineering precision without parameters 
09:26-09:40Bell I.: Isochoric thermodynamics and binary mixture p-x and t-x diagrams 
09:40-09:54Sadus R.: Thermodynamic properties of neon: Lessons for the development of intermolecular potentials for moderately strong quantum fluids 
09:54-10:30Plenary discussion 
10:30-11:00COFFEE + POSTER 33-47
11:00-13:00Minisymp. G – Chemical thermodynamics  
 Chair: Kjelstrup S. 
11:00-11:14Beretta G.P.: Rate-Controlled Constrained-Equilibrium Approach to Complex Kinetics. A  Reduction Scheme to make  modeling accessible to  engineers unspecialized in chemical kinetics 
11:14-11:28Kustova E.: Transport processes and cross-coupling effects in non-equilibrium chemically reacting mixtures 
11:28-11:42Rubi M.: Enzyme kinetics driven by entropy generation 
11:42-11:56Bresme F.: Non-equilibrium simulations of  fluids under thermal gradients: local properties and coupling effects 
11:56-12:10Simon JM: Chemically constrained systems: New perspectives from nanothermodynamics 
12:10-13:00Plenary discussion 
14:30-16:30Small systems II: quantum thermodynamicsNon-equilibrium thermodynamics of complex systems  II. 
 Chair: Öttinger H. C.Chair: Polishuk I. 
14:30-14:50Andresen B.: Limit cycles of the quantum Otto engineFülöp T.: Continuum thermodynamics of solids in spacetime 
14:50-15:10Joulain K.: Quantum thermal rectifiers and transistorsGuy B.: What can a better coupling 
15:10-15:30Uzdin R.: Additional Clausius inquality second laws for higher energy moments in small open quantum systemsImre A.: The origin of supercritical pseudo-boiling 
15:30-15:50Karabetoglu S.: Thermosize effects in semiconductorsDeiters U.: Differential equations for fluid phase equilibria 
15:50-16:10Proesmans K.: A Brownian duetMialdun A. : Diffusion and thermodiffusion in ternary mixture 
16:10-16:30Novotny J.: Jaynes’ principle for quantum Markov processesJoung W.: Hydraulic Temperature Control Technique and Its Application to the Calorimetric Determination of the Liquidus Temperature of Tin 
16:30-17:00COFFEE + POSTER 33-47
17:00-19:00Chemical thermodynamicsEntropy production minimization 
 Chair: Tondeur D.Chair: Andresen B. 
17:00-17:20Rao R.: Thermodynamics of Information Processing in Chemical Reaction NetworksBenfenati F.: The principle of maximum entropy production in the context of the proofs of Onsager’s theorem 
17:20-17:40Wachtel A.: Dissipation in noisy chemical networks: the role of deficiencyFeidt M.: From finite time thermodynamics to finite physical dimensions thermodynamics 
17:40-18:00Maschke B.: Contact Hamiltonian formulation of multiphase systems on the example of the flash reactorThalabard S.: A dynamical optimization approach to compute non-equilibrum averages 
18:00-18:20Meyer G.: A thermodynamic model for the activated plasma kernal volume resulting from spark discharge at high pressuresGoupil C.: Closed loop approach to thermodynamics 
18:20-18:40Yablonsky G.:  Perturbed equilibrium: New results in joint kineticsMazzelli F.: CFD-based entropy generation study of a flat plate heat exchanger 
18:40-19:00Kowalski G.: Entropy and enthalpy of reaction determination using observed extraordinary optical transmission measurements  
Thursday, May 25
 Plenary roomSession room 
08:30-10:30Minisymp. B – Thermodynamics of quantum systems  
 Chair: Kosloff R. 
08:30-08:44Jordan A.: Arrow of time for repeated and continuous quantum measurement 
08:44-08:58Auffèves A.A.: Rebuilding quantum thermodynamics on quantum measurement 
08:58-09:12Esposito M.: Thermalization in small driven quantum systems 
09:12-09:26Diósi L.: Power from simplest steady-state quantum heat engine 
09:26-10:30Plenary discussion 
10:30-11:00COFFEE + POSTER
11:00-13:00Minisymp. D – Engineering thermodynamics  
 Chair: Feidt M. 
11:00-11:14Gonzalez-Ayala J.: On a new interpretation of the endoreversibility hypothesis in Curzon-Ahlborn-like heat engines 
11:14-11:28Varbanov P.: Inspired by Thermodynamics: Total Site Integration for Energy Savings and Reduction of Greenhouse Gas, Water and Nitrogen Footprints 
11:28-11:42Kiss L.: Thermal Diagnostics of Structures and Materials Measuring Temperature and its Derivatives 
11:42-11:56Poredos A.: Thermal energy quality based on exergy concept 
11:56-13:00Plenary discussion 
13:00–13:15Closing of the conference