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The winner of the 2017 Ilya Prigogine prize is:

Øivind Wilhelmsen

Title: Equilibrium and non-equilibrium thermodynamics of planar and curved interfaces
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Aims & Scope

Methods and concepts of equilibrium and non-equilibrium thermodynamics appear in various areas of physics, engineering, sciences and humanities. This wide range of applicability is a source of inspiration, but also a cause of separation and divergence. The aim of this conference is to improve the interaction and pull together the various application areas and theoretical branches in order to develop a more powerful and more applicable discipline.

In Mini-Symposia various specific thermodynamic related topics are introduced by experts and discussed by the audience. The presentations of the participants are organized in Sessions, according to their topics. The interaction is enhanced also by poster sessions along the coffee breaks.

The JETC conferences were established in 1989 under the name Journées Européennes de Thermodynamique Contemporaine by ECAST, the European Center for Advanced Studies in Thermodynamics.

As it was desirable to enlarge the scope of the conferences and to unite thermodynamics across Europe, the conferences changed name in 2007 to Joint European Thermodynamics Conference while the acronym remained the same.

Flyer of the conference

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Previous locations

Nancy, France (2015)
Brescia, Italy (2013)
Chemnitz, Germany (2011)
Copenhagen, Denmark (2009)
St. Etienne, France (2007)
Barcelona, Spain (2003)
Mons, Belgium (2001)
Marseille, France (1999)
Toulouse, France (1997)
Nancy, France (1995)
Bruxelles, Belgium (1993)
Lausanne, Switzerland (1991)
Compiègne, France (1989)